Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wayang! Wayang!

minggu nie, pampers rasa macam nak tengok wayang lah~~ *padahal assignment melambak kan*
Wall Street Money Never Sleeps ni, pampers nak tengok sebab citernye macam menarik je *menarik ke??* Then, cter Charlie St. Cloud tu pampers nak tengok sebab ada Zac Efron. mood gatal hahahaha~ ^^
Mari! Mari! Pampers belanja! -'belanja' here means I book kan korang punye ticket, pastu korang bayar la sendiri ye- huk huk [^,^]

Michael Douglas is back in his Oscar winning role as one of the screen's most notorious villains, Gordon Gekko. Emerging from a lengthy prison stint, Gekko finds himself on the outside of a world he once dominated. Looking to repair his damaged relationship with his daughter Winnie, Gekko forms an alliance with her fiance Jacob (Shia LaBeouf). But can Jacob and Winnie really trust the ex-financial titan, whose relentless efforts to redefine himself in a different era have unexpected consequences.


 Based on an acclaimed novel, 'Charlie St. Cloud' is a romantic drama starring Zac Efron as a young man who survives an accident that lets him see the world in a unique way. In this emotionally charged story, he begins a romantic journey in which he embraces the dark realities of the past while discovering the transformative power of love.

Accomplished sailor Charlie St. Cloud (Efron) has the adoration of mother Claire (Oscar winner Kim Basinger) and little brother Sam (newcomer Charlie Tahan), as well as a college scholarship that will lead him far from his sleepy Pacific Northwest hometown. But his bright future is cut short when a tragedy strikes and takes his dreams with it.