Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bandung 2013 part 2.

Continuation from Bandung 2013 part 1.

Day 2 (after lunch):

Then, we're headed to Toko Tiga, where original stuff sold there. Toko Tiga has 2floors (ground floor and first floor *British-wise*) I didn't take pictures of the items, but from these images, you could get a grasp of what they sell at Toko Tiga;

If you're tired, there's a spot for you to sit down and relax....and take pictures. harhar~ ^o^
 We spent almost two hours here and then we went back to Kopo, because apparently my mum had to buy mooooorrrreee kain not for her, but for her siblings.

After 2 and a half hours at Kopo, we went back to central Bandung to have our dinner. So urm...I kinda forget what's the full name of the restaurant, but "Belacan Restaurant" rings a, this is our picture for dinnertime~ If you want to try something else (other than nasi padang), you should eat the fried rice here. Any kind of fried rice tastes awesomeeeeeeeeeeee!

We met Adik on that night, and this is only one of the many beautiful clothes that he made. My sisters and I bought three same pieces of kain and to be made into jubah.

Day 3:

After breakfast, we went ahead to Tangkuban Parahu!! Wooohoooo~ It was very calming there, the view and scenery.. It was foggy and I find it peaceful..kinda took my mind off from everything else..

 (that's the crater)

For lunch, we went to Kampung Daun. The place was fantastic. You kinda feel like you're in the forest with small huts all around the area. Customers eat inside the hut which has long pillows where you can lie down comfortably.  *But it was raining, and my family couldn't a get a hut so we ate at the bar section*

My dad and my brother were having Nasi Goreng Kampung Daun :-)

  My older sister and my brother modelling for the view of Kampung Daun, hope you don't mind. Hehe >,<

That's the hut, behind us. There are bigger and smaller huts, to accommodate accordingly.

This is like, goooodbyeeee Kampung Daun, gooodbyyyeee, we're going to the airporttt~ hekhek ;-p

Next, we went to the airport, checked in, paid airport tax, and wait for our flight. We arrived in Malaysia, around 9.00pm and then we went back to Bangi, my aunt's house to spend the night there. But I couldn't, I have to go to work tomorrow. Once we reached her house, we had dinner and talked about our vacation. Only nearly midnight I was able to leave the house. And then...yeah, back to reality. No more holidays, vacations, family-time, back to the apartment, back to work, back to being in front of the laptop, back to typing, back to translating, back to work Syah...come back to your working life. Hahahah~

Anyways, I had fun, my family had fun. Even though it's just a short trip, we do fun and silly stuff together, and that's what matters most. You didn't do it alone, you do it together. Be it a family, a friend, a foe, an awkward colleague, a stranger, or anyone, what matters most is that you're not alone. Oh, but having vacation by yourself is not so bad, you can do whatever you want, set and schedule things on your likes and dislikes, change and alter plans whenever you want, go and explore beautiful places on your own, but one thing's for sure, you just don't have anyone to share it with, i.e., to experience it together with you.

So, go, Gooooo and take time to go on a holiday with your family. You're waiting for the right time? They're busy? You're busy? The weather's not okay? Hey, you're not going anywhere for the next 10 years if you're being like this. You don't wait for the perfect time, you make the time perfect for you and your family.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bandung 2013 part 1.

My older sister, Liana Laili, decided to spend her money and buy us, all six of us, tickets to Bandung!! Nyahahah~ Since I'm working and don't have the privilege to take longer holiday, we went to Bandung for 3days only. We stayed at Braga Hotel; entrance, lobby and dining hall. Quite lovely, isn't it? My sister bought the package that has both airways tickets (2ways) and the hotel (AirAsia).

So, Saturday, there we were, waiting to board our flight *today's blog's gonna be less talk, more pictures, and a bit of explanation bout the picture, ok? hehheh =D*

that's me in the middle, my older sister on my right and my younger sister, Rynn Laili, on my left.

 My older sister and my older brother, Amirul Fadhil, posing for the camera I was holding while waiting for our flight to go up, up, and awayyyyyyyyy~ ^,^

Apparently, we don't take much pictures on our first day. Arrived around 5.30pm (Indonesian time) Well, we went to Kopo, and bought tons of 'kain' to be made into baju kurung and jubah. It's not a big mall or shopping complex or a building like Pasar Baru, it's just a house with packed, variety cloth cost RM35 or 110,000rupiah each. Any, I repeat, any material you picked, the price is the same. And there are a LOT to choose from, we spent like, 2hours in that small hall of the house. At the entrance, there are sellers who sell souvenirs, so I decided to buy them for my colleagues, and something for me as well. I bought pens, that you can carve your name on it. 1 for 10,000rupiah, and a dozen for 100,000rupiah. So, I bought a dozen of that, and a beg..a shoe bag..I mean, a bag that looked like a shoe, for 75,000rupiah. Here's my older sister modeling the bag *on day 2*. Huhuhu..

We had dinner afterwards and went to the hotel, checked-in, met a tailor named 'Adik' (our tourguide, Pak Rahman introduced him to us. Adik can make 20 garments in one night! The price is about the same in Malaysia, ranging from RM40-48 per garment, depending on what kind of style you want; more elaborate, more costly. He can also make slacks, you know, the one you used for work. Depending on the material, price for slacks ranging from 220,000rupiah to 370,000rupiah. So, my dad want 4 of those, my older sister want 2, and I want 1, plus the cloths that we bought at Kopo (turn them into 8baju kurung and 4jubah). Even though the price is more or less like in Malaysia, but bear in mind that Adik can make them overnight! Here's Adik, together with my sisters, discussing on what style they want for their garment; 
*you could see that Adik's wearing Blackberry, so it's easy to contact him, whether through BBM or email. He has his own reputation in Johor and KL as well*

Day 2

We had our breakfast at the hotel. My mom, Rohana Ismail, and my father, Laili Darus on the first box. =)

And then, we went to Pasar can Google the pictures since Pasar Baru is infamous and the pictures are everywhere, it's basically a 7floors building which sells jeans, bags, stuff for Haji and Umrah, kebaya, baju kurung, telekung, etc etc. Heh heh.. We spend almost four hours there, I bought a 50,000rupiah bag...since I have less clues about women handbags, my sister picked it for me;

Yes, it's quite sisters...both of them..are really.....ladies. Whatever pink item that I have until now, is either; chosen, picked, bought, or given by my sisters..and I have no choice but to accept the items *a sibling can't really reject things that another sibling least this is practiced in my family, whether we like it or not, we appreciate the other by accepting their gift/thought. The end result doesn't matter (you might not wear/use the items, EVER, and just keep them in your closet, FOREVER), what matters most is the first step, which is, accepting the gift/thought..and not critiquing or condemning or complaining about the items that they have taken time and mind and money to buy it for you*. The pinky items are not that ugly, and you know that sometimes you kinda in the mood to be feminine/girly, so when those times come, I wear/use them. Whenever people ask, *since I've said that I dis-prefer pink* I will tell the truth; which is, "my sisters gave them to me". But then, somehow, it got to the point that some people just don't buy it.. I figured they must have thought that "my sisters gave them to me" is just a lame excuse to get out of the fact that "I really like pink but I don't wanna admit it"...which is soooooo not true.. People who know me can verify this.

Anyway, back to Bandung. Afterwards (after Pasar Baru), we went for lunch. Kinda like, nasi padang. Taraaa;

That's all for now, for part1. I'll be posting on the other half of our second day, together with our final day in Bandung. (which will be about; Toko Tiga, my completed garments, and Tangkuban Perahu)


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

[26] I see..

I see him suffer seeing her..
I see him suffocate around her..
I see him not wanting to look at her..
I see him like I've never seen him before..
I see myself in him..

I've seen him embracing the dark..
now I see him walking into the light..
I could see it..
my younger brother, lighten up..

I don't want him to leave...
But leaving is good for him..
Leaving makes him himself again..
Leaving is good..
Leaving is good..
and I believe in him..
I believe in him..
I believe in him..

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

is it really that hard to believe what I say? (2)

this is like,the second time I post a blog about people not believing what I said, or the things and words and stuff that came out of my mouth.

for God's sake, is it really that hard to believe what I say?

you really believe on nonsense that people have been saying non-stop about me?

you really took those nonsense into your head that you can't even believe a single simple thing that I have said, just because I don't have any proof, or not sympathetic enough, or not close enough with you, or bla bla bla and so on and so forth.

I, only speak the truth.
Whenever I praise or admire your beauty, I can only utter the truth.
Whenever I critique or being harsh, the truth comes within those mean words.

I, can only speak the truth.
whether people believe me or not, really, it's up to them
But most of them do, most of them who knew me, believe on what I say.
Because they know I'm saying the truth.
Because they know me.

Frankly, I don't give a damn about this silly thing (whether they believe me or not).
But it's's bugs me, it annoys me, when you say things like you knew me..where, factually, you don't. And hey, I don't know you too, but at least I don't make statements like I knew you ages.


"If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything" - Mark Twain