Sunday, February 28, 2010


Holding a crystal ball so carefully
but then it broke into pieces accidentally.
Picking up the pieces very gently
so that it won't hurt and bleed easily.
But still, blood and pain makes us faint.
Some move on,
Some passed on.
Only few will pick all successfully,
only few will be happy eternally.
Love.the process is just the same.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Holiday in Medan, Indonesia.

During the previous Chinese New Year, my family and I went to shop in Medan!~ wuhuuu~ *although I have to admit that Bandung is WAY much a better place to shop for shopaholics like me. kikiki...* There'll be plenty (and I mean, MORE than just a plenty) of pictures of my family and places in Medan.

1) Mula-mula, kita start dulu dgn Malaysia maaa..hehe.. nie dekat LCCT, waiting for our flight to depart at 7.40am. Of course, I will not be in these pictures, simply because I'm the one who's taking them. ^^

2) Announcing the arrival of....Haji Laili's family! hehe... (urm..these people are the models of my blog for this Trip to Medan).

3) We rent......because my father took care of all the stuff in Medan, so I don't know with who and what did we rent, but it definitely has got to do something with Mutiara Holidays. hehe..

 4) For the reason of Chinese holding the economic power in Medan, most of the stores were closed for the first day of CNY.

5) We had our breakfast at this HALAL kim cu oriental restaurant. oh.hotel or accommodation comes along with Air Asia Go Holiday package but for foods and trip to various places, we booked them with Mutiara Holidays.


  6) First stop, kedai kain!~ (oh.mothers will love this shop)
and yup, guys, brothers, and husbands, will be tired like hell.
so, the shops there will usually provide chairs for the males.

7) Lunch for our first day at....I can't remember, sorry. 'Jus enam rasa' or juice that have six different taste for six different fruits. And the picture beside the juice was 'air basuh tangan', water for you to wash your hands before eating. (there's always spoon and fork)

8) the yellow one is called 'Angkutan Kota' or simply just 'Angkut'. Another one is 'Becak'.

-it gets 'machet'  (Indonesian term for traffic jam) on second day of our trip because people were beginning to come back from their holidays to start their daily job in Medan.

9) Second day: we went to Bukit Gundaling.

10) After two hours, we reached there and went first to the 'kolam air panas'.

*the models...hahaha~*

at night, all of us except our parents went to Sogo (hello, Medan also got Sogo ok~ ).


Pictures below are from our third day, spending time after checking out from the hotel, before checking in at the airport in Istana Maimun.


* this 'pakcik' who was wearing black songkok was born in Selangor *

- Then, we headed back to the airport, along with the baggagessssss... -

So long...Farewell Medan~~    [T_T]           

Extra Footage!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

weekend out.

hah. pampers kluar ke bangi. dengan family pampers. tapi of course lah kan, gambar pampers mesti lah xde kat sini. tak main lah letak gambar sendiri (org lain letak gambar sendiri banyak2 kat handphone, blog, facebook, etc.), macam...ape org-org muda kata sekarang, hah.macam mencapap gitu!~
*sape mkn cili, sendiri rasa peddaasssss ye~*

ni adik, kakak, dan ibu pampers. dengan title -
'bosan menunggu pampers tak sampai2 dari tren KTM yg kelembapannya mgalahkan kura2'


then, pampers and the geng pun pergilah jalan-jalan carik pasal. hah. ni pampers punya kakak dan abang.
title - 'heisshhh..cepatlah amek gmbo tu..tgn aku dah cramp ni'

ni plak abg dan ibu pampers. ye.bukan di restoran 5bintang. kat warong sudeyh.baru r jantan.

sekali lagi, keluargaku menyelit. itu yang baru muncul tu, cousin pampers. ade sape2 nak berkenalan?

wuh! pampers suke gambar ni sbb ade cahaya sinaran matahari~ aww!
*berhati-hati dengan sinar UV matahari.ia mampu merosakkan kulit anda gunalah sunblock spf15 ciptaan dr. rozmey. wuh!*

malam, pegi enjoy! clubbing dengan mak dan bapak sedara pampers di...tooot. *oops.maaf.nama tempat clubbing tidah dapat disiarkan kerana gangguan teknikal*

hah. dah lah. pastu ape lagi, balik!
hamboi.pampers kata balik, balik lah! ish.ish.ish..

Monday, February 1, 2010

07 [ignorance]

When we love not, we tend to ignore
When we like not, we choose to ignore
When we want not, we rather ignore
Ignorance is the best thing
when we want to escape.