Sunday, January 1, 2012

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Need not say much.

Taadaaaaa~ [bawah ni copy paste je. ahakahak]

‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ has become an anthem of the club during a time in Liverpool when the city was at an all time low in term of economics and became an almost prayer sang by those who needed to get away from their personal tribulations in their life. With culture at the time in Liverpool being music and football, the two becoming intertwined can be argued to be not too much of a difficult concept to accept. 

For an outsider perspective the legendary Johan Cruyff stated in reference to the songs special meaning. ‘There's not one club in Europe with an anthem like ‘You'll Never Walk Alone’. There's not one club in the world so united with the fans. I sat there watching the Liverpool fans and they sent shivers down my spine. A mass people became one force behind their team. That's something not many teams have. For that I admire Liverpool more than anything’.

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I've never been to any of their games, sadly. Walaupun nyanyi jugak lagu ni dkat depan TV, but hey, I would really love to sing along with other avid fans in the stadium. Whenever I listen to this song, (I downloaded not the one from the original singer, but sang by the fans on a stadium) it never fail to make me give out a little smile, because it gives me a certain kind of feel, like, like..a homey feeling.. =]

The song speaks for itself. Its lyrics are straightforward and simple, yet still contains that tingling sentiment which inspires the players and fans (especially now in modern times where everything rings a little hollow inside us).

whenever you feel lonely, just remember that, here in Reds, 
You'll Never Walk Alone. =)


  1. arsenal la power

  2. doesn't matter lah sapa lagi power. loyalty matters most. hohoho :)