Tuesday, January 10, 2012

[23] to You.... yes you.

Telling myself not to be weak
Telling myself not to fall apart
Telling myself not to lose focus
Telling myself not to lose myself
But I did...lose myself in you..

Been here watching you
May sound like a cuckoo
But it don't matter
as you make me flutter
oh Girl, yes you do.

I'm not like those, who can easily hide
and so I'm coming close, with this feeling inside
I never confess
but you would have guessed
oh Girl, yes you did.

Treating me like a boo
Makes me feel like Wuhuu~
But the idea never occur
that you're such a sweet-talker
oh Girl, yes you are.

But that was All through
when I was in the Crew
I'm No longer into you
I am Now over you
oh Girl, yes that's True.

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