Sunday, July 29, 2012

[24] No Title 1

heading towards the light
deplorably crippled on the night
woefully looked above at the sky
wondering whether it could fly
unsure is in the air
as broken wing it has there

'Tis time that fixes things,
but still a broken wing it is.
'Tis you made it like that
with no care it's alive or dead.
When always exist one saviour
sadly that saviour is not here
for saviours only exist in tales and not real.
Dauntlesness, the spirits up;
something that a broken wing cannot keep up.

drips of reds and blacks
spilled on reeds and trees
while after then heard a plunk
saw it hit by a truck.

Though why must it suffer like this?
an answer no one can give but Thee

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bol...a? Tettttt

Bola? bola? bola lagi? nouooooo~ this post today, is not about bola anymore.
Bola dah habis. Nanti if masuk season baru,barulah kita berbola di sini. Haha~

Sekarang bulan puasa.
But I ain't gonna talk about puasa. I'm gonna talk on rain. No, not rain as in Rain the Korean, but yes, hujan. No, not that kumpulan Hujan and Noh Salleh, no. I'm talking about rain, in the most literal way. Hehe..

There's just something about rain that my body loves.
I don't know if I even like rain *but hey, hujan ialah rahmat, okay. I'm talking about getting wet and stuff* but my body definitely does. Every time, every single time, every single day when there's rain, I won't be able to go to sleep like everyone does. (lots of people would say "waaa,hujan lah, bestnya tido time hujan2 gini") But I couldn't..or should I say, my body couldn't fall asleep on rainy days.

If I was already asleep, I would somehow woke up and within ten minutes later, taraaaa~ it's raining. *but this situation only applies for rains in the morning, at noon, and early evening*

And when the days are hot and people would sweat, I.....yes, I would love to sleep on those days. *my body told me to. Haha* Like, I don't have an on/off switch button, it just goes naturally..automatically, I wouldn't be able to sleep on rainy days, but I would doze off during hot summer days.

Urmm..I wasn't going to talk on this subtopic of rain actually... I think I just got myself. I was going to talk on how I am traumatized by rain.... It was raining heavily, and I was driving. My dad's on my left side and my mom at the back. All of a sudden, the sky was pouring with rain, heavy rain. But I wasn't slowing down, thinking and believing that the car's brake worked just fine. The moment came when a car in front of us hit the brakes. Seeing the car's brake light, I hit on mine. It's functioning, yes it did. It did. But the road was slippery, the car's tyres stopped, but the road was very slippery, so my car didn't stopped.

The distance between my car at that front car was like 200m, like 9-10 seconds away. So, I still had the time to think on what I should do to prevent crashing with that car on the front. So, I pulled the handbrake.

In short, the car at the front had to change his exhaust, and mine had to be left behind at a workshop for a month. My dad was alright, physically he was fine. But my mom got a bone broken in her right arm. Correction. I got my mom's bone broken.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Wuh! Nampaknya, terpaksalah beta meneruskan blog ini, sbb ada permintaan supaya beta sentiasa update blog! *padahal yang request tu sorang je pun kaaannnn* hahahaha~

So, ehem. ni kira update lah ni kan? hakhak