Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hello Wembley!

Liverpool vs Manchester City, 2nd leg Carling Cup 2011/2012 season.

Full time: Liverpool 2, ManCity 2. (Aggregate 3-2, Liv wins)

Good game, really. Less drama, more action.

Joe Hart: "It hurts but Liverpool deserve to be in the final, not Man City"
Liverpool will play Cardiff in the final on 26th February.

After 16years, we could say hello again to Wembley.
All thanks to Craig Bellamy who made it all possible.
Frist half was draw 1-1, aggregate 2-1.
Second half City leads with 2-1, which made the aggregate ties by 2-2.
And the great Bellamy scored another goal. 2-2, aggregate 3-2.

Kenny D said: "Bellamy was unbelievable"
Gerrard: "Its a great feeling, its been a while getting back to Wembley, too long for Liverpool. Bellamy was the difference"

Indeed, Craig Bellamy made the difference. =')

Friday, January 20, 2012

Semester ends.

This semester has finally ended! (truthfully, takyah letak pun finally tu.rasa mcm kejap sangat sem ni brlalu)

Kenapa rasa mcm kejap sangat??

  1. Quizzes, presentations and assignments sangat draggy sampai kan on the final week tu pun ada lagi kuiz AND assignment AND presentation.
  2. Banyak join show Caklempong *takdelah banyak sgt, and tapi xdelah pun smpai tahap mencapap,hokayhhh* They were REALLY fun, time moves so fast that I had no idea the last show was in fact, THE final show. T___T
  3. Selalu keluar and lepak dengan member2. Pegi kubur, planet tomyam, tasik titiwangsa, ikea, shah alam, wangsa walk. Sebelum ni tak pun..tak kluar dgn mber2.. Weekends pegi library, tak pun tido dlm bilik. Kalau kluar pun,on fridays, sorang2 pegi klcc, lepak kat kino (friday tak ramai orang *orang as in, remaja berkeliaran berhiburan bergelimpangan*, so aman lah sket kat klcc tu).
  4. Mungkin sebab ni final semester, so...rasa taknak blah dari UIA.....? *whatthaa..apa yang aku merepek ni.sapa je yg nak duduk lama2 dkat uia tu*

Anyhow, thanks to you guys (friends in IIUM, and Caklempong), this semester will be very memorable for me *I am, indeed, a person who always fail to store data in my memory* and it is 
THE FUNNEST SEMESTER EVER! *yes, the word 'funnest' does exist in the Urban Dictionary. Google lah kalau tak percaya* 


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Voucher 1Malaysia (buku)

Bila dapat? 11hb Januari 2012.
Kat mana? IIUM.

Bila guna? 13hb Januari 2012.
Kat mana? Kinokuniya, KLCC.

HOYEAAHHH~ Thank you lah dekat government yang bagi voucher nie~ *dah nak dekat pilihanraya kan, of course lah kaann~ tetiba je ada hah khelepuk depan mata voucher RM200. Tapi,jgn haraplah beta nak mengundi utk pilihanraya kali ni dan kali-kali yg akan datang. Malas nak mendaftar. Malas. Politik. Urgh*

Anyway, rabu tu dapat voucher. Seronok lah, tapi bila pikir balik,ni dah final sem, takde nak beli buku ilmiah pun. So, better bagi kat my younger sister, dia pun nak masuk main campus nanti February. Tapi,tapiii~ ayah kata "guna je lah kak, awak punye voucher~" Beta pun apa lagi, sronok ah~ bleh pegi Kino~ Huhiihohehehehe~

So, jumaat pegi Kino. Seronok tgk suasana kat situ. Sepanjang2 beta menapak dekat situ drpd tahun lepas, mmg tak pernah nampak Kino semeriah, seramai, dan sebusy itu pada hari jumaat *on weekdays kan. Kalau weekend tu biasalah ramai*. Lalu dekat TGV pun, ada beberapa gerombolan bawak plastic bag Kino. Heee,,sronok je tgk budak2 beli buku, stationeries, test pads, hehe.. *hoi.diri,kenapa kau ni feeling lebih macam gaya mak bapak yg berbangga tgk anaknya pegi kedai buku?* Anyhow, aku guna sekeping je lah voucher tu. *halo.sayang kot.kalau tak reti kawal nafsu, sekali pakai je bleh habis 4keping smer.huhu* Hari khamis tu, beli Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird, two sketch books and a January issue of Reader's Digest.

Hari ahad, pegi Kino..Lagi. Hahaha~ ^o^  This time,pun guna sekeping jgak. Beli magazine cleo, and some classical stuff. So, tu bawah tu,mende-mende yang dibeli pakai voucher yang best nie~ *ayah, saya beli buku-buku yang senonoh dan berguna taw. yang Cleo tu just nak cukupkan RM50 je. Hehehehe*


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Carroll. Oh Carroll. Andy Carroll.

Match between Liverpool and Stoke City just now, nil. No scores, no goals at all. *sigh....*
Anyway, no matter how disappointing that news is, that's not the really the point of my blog today.

Judging from the title, there could be two connotations:
1) i'm adoring and drooling over Carroll.
2) i see Carroll as a hopeless and useless player.

Well, neither is correct. It's a combination of both, actually.
Wait, no. That's not true. I don't adore Carroll. Urgh.
And I don't see see him as a loser, either.

30mins before the game starts, via twitter I had the information that Carroll would be sitting on the bench, and I was ecstatic. I was like, "Oh jjyeah! He won't be playing. We'll definitely win this match!" *oh,cmon, he wasn't gonna be any help if he's on the field, anyway*

The game started, and it was weird, it was awkward, it's like...the passing was horrible and the timing was off.  I've started to think that "maybe...maybe if Carroll is on the field,things would be different.." I even felt that having Carroll was necessary at that moment. My cousin said "are you really? for serious? you want Carroll on the field?" And I said "yeah, maybe Gerrard and Kuyt need him to win against Stoke" *like,dude,'s's S.T.O.K.E, for god's sake. Gerrard alone would be enough to score goals*

The second half. Carroll was warming up at the side and I became hopeful, as there was still no goals from both teams. I cheered for him when he entered the field *my cousin made a facial expression that says what-is-wrong-with-you-and-why-are-you-cheering-for-Andy-Carroll*.

Hopes crushed. Torn down. Blown away. Shyiunggg~ just like that. Having Andy Carroll on that field, in that game, only made it worse. I don't know why, but he keeps on lying whenever he's about to reach the goal posts. If dia terkena sepakan or ditolak, ok fine, acceptable lah nak terbaring sana-sini, terjatuh or whatever. But, if dah frequent sangat, pelik lah kan.. Kalau nak berlakon untuk dapatkan penalty or free kick, at least berlakonlah elok-elok bro.. Haishh..buat malu je lah asik landing saja2 kat padang tuuu.. Oh.satu lagi, if I'm not mistaken, either Skrtel or Johnson, was trying for a goal, but Carroll blocked the ball. I'm not kidding, he blocked it. I mean,ok. He was there, running around, and unexpectedly, the ball was there too. Sadly, he stopped the ball i.e. he ruined the possibility of Liv winning the match.

Aughgghhh...what's done is done. Oh. Look. Here's Carroll in Newcastle.

And here he's in the Reds. Look at his hair.
*I strongly suggest he cut his hair off. That ponytail... I don't know, it makes his body and head.......heavier. The ponytail's keeping him from running energetically. As a result, when he gets the ball, it will not be more than 3seconds because that ball will always get snatched by the other team, always*.
Andy Carroll, learn to let go, let Newcastle go. Embrace your current team, embrace Liverpool. Seriously, Cut the hair, and be the new Andy Carroll....
be Liverpool's Andy Carroll.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Am I??

Am I really over you?
no,I don't think so lah.
not just yet.

do you guys know how frustrating it is?
to not be able to get over someone?
and that someone doesn't even know that you've got a crush on him/her.
haihhhh...sudah-sudahlah. enough is enough.
i'm not gonna drool over this issue again.
sorry for being so depressing  lately.

i'll get over her, i will.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

[23] to You.... yes you.

Telling myself not to be weak
Telling myself not to fall apart
Telling myself not to lose focus
Telling myself not to lose myself
But I did...lose myself in you..

Been here watching you
May sound like a cuckoo
But it don't matter
as you make me flutter
oh Girl, yes you do.

I'm not like those, who can easily hide
and so I'm coming close, with this feeling inside
I never confess
but you would have guessed
oh Girl, yes you did.

Treating me like a boo
Makes me feel like Wuhuu~
But the idea never occur
that you're such a sweet-talker
oh Girl, yes you are.

But that was All through
when I was in the Crew
I'm No longer into you
I am Now over you
oh Girl, yes that's True.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Is it really that hard to believe what I say?

Imagine this.

When you tell a fact, a true fact about yourself, nothing but only the truth, to a friend (or in my case, friendS), and exactly when you're done talking, without hesitation, your friend laugh...right on your face.

How will you feel.

If that friend does not wish to believe what you'd just said, then he/she should at least NOT laugh lah kan?
Well, the friend laughed, of course. After laughing, he/she continuously makes fun of you. Makes fun of that one true fact that you have just uttered.

How will you feel.

Even worse, you're begging your friend to believe and even asking why doesn't he/she, as a friend, as your friend, believes you? And that friend continues on laughing..

How will you feel.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mata Rabak

Rabak. Rabak. RabaaaaakkkK~

Mata rabak? Ya.

Study? Ya.

Tengok Running Man? Ya.

Makan junk food? Ya.

Makan makanan berat? Ya.

Tengok bola? YES!

Tidur? Tidak.

Ngantuk? Tidak.

*mata rabak dalam kamus kosakata beta, bermaksud, mata pnye dark circle mmg amazing: dah macam panda dan eyelid berat gila dan mintak tidur dan memang tak boleh nak bukak, TAPI, tak ngantuk. Macam mana ni? Macaaam maanaaa~

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Wa.Wa. New Template! YNWA

Need not say much.

Taadaaaaa~ [bawah ni copy paste je. ahakahak]

‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ has become an anthem of the club during a time in Liverpool when the city was at an all time low in term of economics and became an almost prayer sang by those who needed to get away from their personal tribulations in their life. With culture at the time in Liverpool being music and football, the two becoming intertwined can be argued to be not too much of a difficult concept to accept. 

For an outsider perspective the legendary Johan Cruyff stated in reference to the songs special meaning. ‘There's not one club in Europe with an anthem like ‘You'll Never Walk Alone’. There's not one club in the world so united with the fans. I sat there watching the Liverpool fans and they sent shivers down my spine. A mass people became one force behind their team. That's something not many teams have. For that I admire Liverpool more than anything’.

dah cukup2lah copy paste atas tu..bawah ni bukan copy paste ye. ^.^
I've never been to any of their games, sadly. Walaupun nyanyi jugak lagu ni dkat depan TV, but hey, I would really love to sing along with other avid fans in the stadium. Whenever I listen to this song, (I downloaded not the one from the original singer, but sang by the fans on a stadium) it never fail to make me give out a little smile, because it gives me a certain kind of feel, like, like..a homey feeling.. =]

The song speaks for itself. Its lyrics are straightforward and simple, yet still contains that tingling sentiment which inspires the players and fans (especially now in modern times where everything rings a little hollow inside us).

whenever you feel lonely, just remember that, here in Reds, 
You'll Never Walk Alone. =)