Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hello Wembley!

Liverpool vs Manchester City, 2nd leg Carling Cup 2011/2012 season.

Full time: Liverpool 2, ManCity 2. (Aggregate 3-2, Liv wins)

Good game, really. Less drama, more action.

Joe Hart: "It hurts but Liverpool deserve to be in the final, not Man City"
Liverpool will play Cardiff in the final on 26th February.

After 16years, we could say hello again to Wembley.
All thanks to Craig Bellamy who made it all possible.
Frist half was draw 1-1, aggregate 2-1.
Second half City leads with 2-1, which made the aggregate ties by 2-2.
And the great Bellamy scored another goal. 2-2, aggregate 3-2.

Kenny D said: "Bellamy was unbelievable"
Gerrard: "Its a great feeling, its been a while getting back to Wembley, too long for Liverpool. Bellamy was the difference"

Indeed, Craig Bellamy made the difference. =')

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