Saturday, January 30, 2010

Anas Tahir lagi famous dari abangnye.

first and foremost, pampers was not vaining itself on google. ehek.

tadi pampers google la dua beradik ni kan, xde life mcm pampers ni mmg xde job lain selain menyebok tepi skirt orang. haha.

wuh. tgk2, adiknya lagi femes dari abgnye.
1,130,000 search was on anas tahir and 585,000 on faizal tahir.
hah! hambek! glamour tak glamour adek kau nie!

tapi yelah.bagos lah ni. adik abang sama2 meniti kejayaan, sam2 menuju puncak.
ahak. AF la plak kan. hm.dah season ke-lapan nie.
ye.teruskan je lah sampai musim ke-354. teruskanlah ye. teruskan je lah.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

hah. ade aku kisah?!~

xde. aku xkesah pun korg nak cakap ape. cakap je la. ade aku kesah??~

Monday, January 18, 2010

06 [sleep is indah.]

You can be yourself
when you sleep
You can dream of anything
when you sleep
You can escape from problems
You can run from sadness
You can hide from sorrow
You won't feel any pain
You won't feel hurt
You can search for happiness
You can look forward to joy
but most of all
You will find peace
You will find peace when you sleep
that's why,
Sleep is indah.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Things to be said - The Last Tasbih/Tasbih Terakhir, and several others.

1. Angklung - maybe because diorg dah perform banyak kali, so, the feeling wasn't there.

2. Gamelan - there was some feelings that they put in the beginning of the performance. but the rest of it, was very technical. [some of them counted the beat/rhythm out loud.]

3. Dikir ...? - uh.only five people, and a singer. feel? nope. no feelings at all. they were forced? something like that.
- sorg nak habiskan cepat
- 2org mcm 'eish! cepat la abis'
- sorg lg 'eh,btol ke aku main ni?'
- lg sorg, 'haaihhh..bosannya....'
- the singer? his face was like 'erm..agak2nya, penonton faham ke lagu yg aku nyanyi ni..?'

4. Theatre. The Last Tasbih.
- the one who act as 'the mother' = loghat/dialect, is SO NOT natural. [it was so obvious].
- the idea = not original. the lameness was there.
- sometimes, the anger/sad feeling was/were being exaggerated.
- the ones who act as 'Mak Su', 'Adik', and 'Ah Chong' were the ones who really felt into their characters. kudos.
- overall, 2 and a half out of five.

5. the Percussion + Band
- erm.excited, over-confident..maybe?
- the first song....was totally not supposed to be their first song. [makes people wanna leave the audi immediately]. but hey, who cares.they're having fun up there.
- the middle drum (or maybe tabla? ...), there's just this one part, the tempo was off/slow.
- guitarists = two of them, probably have played guitar for years. One of them, seems nervous, but likes to be in-charge. but those were good.really. there's one part that was kinda off-key or off-pitch, but they knew they were sumbang,though. So, they laughed.together.

All the Best for Tasbih Terakhir's production team.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


A gloomy morning,
brings gloomy feelings in me,
leads to gloomy life.

Friday, January 1, 2010

04 [tree...]

Say it not to me
Because I'm like a tree
who's watching you go to the class
With branches that will give you smooth breeze
With big leaves that will protect you from shing sun
With soft trunk that you can lean on when you're tired
With strong root that no one will be able to destroy
So that it will stay there forever
Forever for you...