Friday, January 15, 2010

Things to be said - The Last Tasbih/Tasbih Terakhir, and several others.

1. Angklung - maybe because diorg dah perform banyak kali, so, the feeling wasn't there.

2. Gamelan - there was some feelings that they put in the beginning of the performance. but the rest of it, was very technical. [some of them counted the beat/rhythm out loud.]

3. Dikir ...? - uh.only five people, and a singer. feel? nope. no feelings at all. they were forced? something like that.
- sorg nak habiskan cepat
- 2org mcm 'eish! cepat la abis'
- sorg lg 'eh,btol ke aku main ni?'
- lg sorg, 'haaihhh..bosannya....'
- the singer? his face was like 'erm..agak2nya, penonton faham ke lagu yg aku nyanyi ni..?'

4. Theatre. The Last Tasbih.
- the one who act as 'the mother' = loghat/dialect, is SO NOT natural. [it was so obvious].
- the idea = not original. the lameness was there.
- sometimes, the anger/sad feeling was/were being exaggerated.
- the ones who act as 'Mak Su', 'Adik', and 'Ah Chong' were the ones who really felt into their characters. kudos.
- overall, 2 and a half out of five.

5. the Percussion + Band
- erm.excited, over-confident..maybe?
- the first song....was totally not supposed to be their first song. [makes people wanna leave the audi immediately]. but hey, who cares.they're having fun up there.
- the middle drum (or maybe tabla? ...), there's just this one part, the tempo was off/slow.
- guitarists = two of them, probably have played guitar for years. One of them, seems nervous, but likes to be in-charge. but those were good.really. there's one part that was kinda off-key or off-pitch, but they knew they were sumbang,though. So, they laughed.together.

All the Best for Tasbih Terakhir's production team.

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