Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

This noon, I went to watch Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows part 1. David Yates and team managed to do what the other directors can't, which is bringing the book into the movie. Yes, Chris Columbus did a great job, indeed. But really, the settings, overall-plot, the facial expressions and inner feelings from the actors, and every detail in the book have been brought to life in the movie by Yates and his crew.

The movie has to be made into two parts because every scene, every act, leads and affect the next one. The later cannot exist without the previous. Everything counts in the book; every inch of snow, every drop of tear, every bit of smile, counts. And this time, the movie brings kind of the similar feelings when I read the book. was good. It was really good. The things that I had imagined in the book came out quite perfect on the screen.

Okay. Enough with the pujian. I have said that every act counts. But some of them have been made draggy and a bit longer or sometimes too explicit. For example, assuming there is a news of a horrible accident between a bus and a car. This same news will be portrayed and conveyed in a total different way or manner of speech through the television and newspaper. Television will make the news more compact and focus on the bigger picture rather than the details. Newspaper, on the other hand, will write about the accident in tiny details and blabber about kind-of-important stuff behind the accident. Okay, not blabbering, but more like reporting.sorry bout that. So, yeah.a very few scenes were a bit draggy.

Hey, I'm not forcing you to agree with me. These are just my opinion. So, for those who have read but haven't watch, go to your nearest cinema and watch it.

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