Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bola Sepak? Soccer? Football? Hm??

ok.I went back to IIU on 26th and I was like...what the heck? gile ramai manusia dekat Bukit Jalil nie!
I was coming down with a fever that time and what with the horns and the wisels and noisy sounds and and...urghhhh! My head just couldnt bear them. *no.I did not faint*

So, I just kept on going and then, I saw some un-Malaysian faces *hey,I'm not racist or countrist, but you can definitely tell : a person is not from your Motherland based on his/her physical features and appearances*
It suddenly came to me; Oh! A'ah la. Ada bola! Seriously, it was lucky for me to get on my 10am bus from my hometown. If I take a 2pm bus, there might be...what, some kind of rusuhan to enter the stadium? haha..

Anyway, some info bout the urm...AFF Suzuki Yamaha Honda Cup. ^,^

Malaysia's Safee scores against Indonesia during the final first leg match of AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 soccer tournament in Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia won the home leg of the final with two goals from Mohd Safee Sali and one from substitute Mohd Ashari Shamsuddin. Safee scored on 60 minutes before Ashari made it 2-0 eight minutes later. Safee made the game safe and probably took the fate of the final out of Indonesia's hand when he socred his second and Malayasia's third seventeen minutes from full time.

A major incident was the stoppage of the game for a while when the Indonesian players complained to the referee that the home were distracting them by using laser lights. In FIFA newsletter said, the match was stopped for eight minutes in the second half of the Final Leg 1;when the visiting players complained to referee Toma Masaaki that the home fans were shining laser lights into their eyes.

Malaysia qualified for the finals for the first time in 14 years, while their opponents Indonesia will appear in their fourth final. The 2010 edition of the AFF Suzuki Cup will also see a new winner nation lifting the cup. Previous championships were either won by Thailand, Singapore or Vietnam. Indonesia had finished second three times, while Malaysia were the runners-up in the inaugural tournament in 1996.

The second leg of the final will be played in Jakarta on Wednesday, December 29, 2010.

*pampers rasa; boleh ke Malaysia menang dekat Jakarta nanti? Ye lah, dekat padang sendiri, boleh lah kan. hurm.kita tunggu je lah ye..kalau Malaysia Boleh sangat, prove me wrong lah.*

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