Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Obsessed with Ryan Higa!

Ryan Higa is Awesome! (although I think Barney Stinson is more awesome than him)

Mr Higa, or may as well known as nigahiga on Youtube, was born on June 6 1990. He is a Japanese-Hawaiian comedian from Hilo, Hawaii.

Nigahiga, is a Youtube channel created by Ryan Higa and his friend, Sean Fujuyoshi on July 20, 2006. By November 2010, their videos had been viewed over 630 million times. As of this month, (Decmber 2010) nigahiga has over 2.95 million subscribers and is The Most Subscribed Youtube Channel of all time (ahead of such promminent Youtube users as Shane Dawson and Fred).

Urm...i guess you can read more about him on google. Huhu..
My all time-favourite is: Why Chris Brown Beat Rihanna.
Just click here and you will be directed to Youtube, showing nigahiga's video on Why Chris Brown Beat Rihanna. Watch it, it's funny. ^^

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