Sunday, June 26, 2011

Neil Patrick Harris says "I Do".

Well, not just yet. But he IS planning to say "I do" soon!

Harris tweeted on Saturday that he and partner David Burtka will be saying "I do" now that gay marriage is legal in New York. *Lots of couples were ecstatic to hear the news, I must say*.

"David and I did propose to each other, but over five years ago!" Harris explained. "We've been wearing engagement rings for ages, waiting for an available date."

Before the New York state senate and Governor Andrew Cuomo legalized gay marriage Friday night, Harris tweeted that he'd "sure love to get married." He added, "Please, New York Senate, vote in favor of marriage equality today, my family would really appreciate it."

After news of progress in the northeast broke, Harris excitedly rejoiced with his followers. "It passed!" he exclaimed.  "Marriage equality in New York! Yes! Progress! Thank you everyone who worked so hard on this. A historic night."

Harris and Burtka became the parents of fraternal twins, Harper and Gideon, in October 2010 via a surrogate. *Oh. How I wish to be the mother who bears their child. Haha! Seriously, two years ago I've been searching for places that have sperm bank because I really wanted to feel the beauty of being a mother, but as I was googling, it turns out that this process is illegal for Muslims in Malaysia*

It is IMPOSSIBLE to have same-sex marriage legalized here, in Malaysia. From one p.o.v. (religion) it is considered haram or sinful..erm.Very sinful. But from another p.o.v. (human rights) there's no such thing as having just two gender types in this world : male and female. It's not just about gays and lesbians, it's more than that. What about the maknyah, bapuk, etc.?
These people deserve to be happy, and if getting married to one another will make them happy, why shouldn't the government legalize it?  Why should you care what kind of sexual preferences they have? Who are you to judge them? Who are you? You are human. Like them, you are plain human. Nothing more. Yes, I admit that I used to put stereotypes on people that I just met *without actually getting to know them*. But that was 3 years ago.

Learn how to not judge others by that stupid thing called first impression.
And don't ever stereotype other people.

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