Monday, December 5, 2011

Bila Last Post..?

bila? bila? 1st of october? and now,what, 5th december already.
dah berapa lama tak merepek kat blog? ada lah dalam lebih kurang dua bulan.

tadi,dekat facebook, piko posted something on my wall.
this was what he wrote: i read ur blog. thank you sebab ckp aku cute : )
homaigod!! he read my blog! yeah,he did!
hahahahaha~ *tak tau nak rasa happy ke haper....*
haiyoh,,piko ni..buat aku rasa malu-malu ala2 blushing laaaahhh~ hahahaha =D

oh.oh! ok.i've been single dalam lebih kurang 3tahun ni.
hurm.ok.the earlier part (of that 3years) i've had something going on with a girl, but of course, we never officially declared, but we were perfectly aware of our feelings towards each other. Later on (two years or so) due to the hectic and busy schedule/routine, we fell apart.. *and surely,my family doesn't know her existence. Matilah kalau diorang tau*

And so,2011 arrived. i've got a of my course-mates, a benl student. this crush has been going on for like...six months.. and that's that. I realized that this would result in nothing; I was the only one who struggled and suffered (having this crush) whilst she was all the time being fine and oh, furthermore, she is against "my type of people" *if you know what I mean*. Hence, I couldn't continue on having a crush towards her.

This semester came with my focusing on this final semester in the university. I told myself that I don't wanna lose my focus, just concentrate on studies, join some clubs or activities, and so on.
And I'm doing it.
I am *hopefully, will* not gonna lose myself.

Hari ni hari isnin, december 5th 2011. 
Semalam hari ahad, december 4th, 2011.
Yesterday was my birthday =)
*will blog about it later*

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