Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Birthday Eve

My birthday was on December 4th, Sunday. (blog ni pasal 3 December, Sabtu)
Tapi disebabkan ke-busy-an yang melampau *takdelah melampau sgt, busy biasa2 je pun.huhu*, maka tak baliklah rumah utk minggu birthday tuuuu... T___T

My sister, who was on school-break *she's a teacher*, arrived unexpectedly here, in IIU, on Saturday morning. Well, since it was really sudden, plus I had a group discussion that morning, she took a nap in my room for about an hour or so. Lepas we had our lunch, tetiba sendiri terasa macam nak pegi Shah Alam *my younger sister is a part-timer at D'Arab Cafe in Giant near I-City* nak kacau adik tgh kerja. Hehehe~ bleh ke kacau adik keja? xpe ke? xpe je, sbb our aunt is the cafe's owner.hohoho..

Pukul 1.30pm gerak, pkol 2.15 smpai KL central, then kena tukar KTM plak. Peh! Lama gila dah tak naik KTM! And they never change! The delay, the bersesak-sesak, and...the smelly coaches.. [-..-"] Sampai2 Shah Alam je dah pukul 4pm. Kacau2 and makan2, at around 8pm gitu,kitorang pun blah. *all thanks to my younger sister, Nur Hidayah Laili, yang belanja secret recipe's cakes and a breathtaking birthday card!*

9.30pm gitu,kitorang dah dalam LRT dah,on our way to Terminal Putra, gombak. Time train tu stopped at KLCC, masuklah a group of * lah.that's too harsh* Hurm.ok. A bunch of high school students yang baru lepas SPM. Ada this one guy from that bunch, yang all of a sudden, dengan suara dia yang kuat tu, panggil "YUNA, YUNA, HAI YUNA". Because of the sesak-ness in that coach, I was somehow jauh sikit dengan my older sister. Dia kat belah sana,I kat belah sini, gitulah. At first, well, cmon, who would have thought that that guy's calling for yuna, was actually referring to me? seriously, I thought yuna was on the same coach as I was at that time.

But when I realized that it referred to me, twas too late..the guy was then already standing near beside me. I panicked,at first.but then kept my calm and play with my phone. Lepas tu, apa lagi, constant harassment from that guy lah! *ok.bukanlah harassment,tapi still, kacau2 using a LOUD VOICE IN THE LRT at night! Aku tak takut,tapi pakcik2 and makcik2 surrounding pandang aku lain macam okay..siap ada yang geleng2 kepala lagi.. Mesti they thought that I'm one of them...* Anyhow, luckily it was only done verbally je. Aku rasa diorang tengah stoned, sbb mata merah, or maybe it's just really in their nature to be uncivilized and disrespectful. Aku, apa aku buat? I just wished someone would come to the rescue.. argh.patheticnya diri rasa time tu..can't do anything, can't say a word, can't...can't bantai balik verbally kat budak2 skolah tu..

I used to have a dull and plain birthday eve. Pkol 11.58pm tu pegilah fridge, amik air, and some chocolate or sweets (if there's any), Exactly 12am,speak to self "hey me, happy birthday". and,that's that, that's all there is. Anyhow, to conclude, this is the most colourful birthday eve that I have ever had Hehehe~

Hey me, happy birthday! \^.^/

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