Friday, January 18, 2013

Life has been...

Life has been cruel to me thus far...
Where can I find a place to hide...

People would say: Face it! Face the cruelness!
I would say: I'm not brave enough..not strong enough..

People would say: Forget the cruelness! Move on!
I would say: How can you move on when you still had to face the cruelness every single day..

People would say, People would always has something to say, People who has never been in your shoes would always say things to "solve" your problem..

The fact is,
some things just can't be solved,
some things just can't be mend,
some things.....are meant to be broken..

My point is,
Life has been cruel.
and I will be strong, but not today.
Let me be weak, let me have feelings,
Let me have emotions, let me cry like any other normal human being for just today..

I will be strong, I will be..

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