Thursday, July 14, 2011

Go Geous vs Gorgeous

Semalam ternampak iklan satu produk minuman kesihatan, namanya Go Geous. Taadaaa~
“Go Geous is a superb drink that will rejuvenate your cell for optimum health from your head to toe. We have done a thorough research before combining the stem cell of the Ulwitler Spatlauber with other beneficial ingredients for maximum result.”  - Dr Fred Zulli, Ph.D.

Jehan Miskin and Siti Shahrizah bt Saifuddin or better known as Eja, diorang berdua ni lah kot yang jadi duta produk ni. Yang aku pelik sesangatlah pelik (well, since I love language), this product is pronounced as "gɔrdʒəs" or based on these two celebrities (Jehan and Eja), they pronounced it without the 'r', hence  "gɔ:dʒəs". 

Okay.mende yang pelik bagi aku adalah, produk ni dua perkataan kan? Dekat kotak dalam gambar atas tu pun memang jelas ada jarak between that two words. The first word is 'go' and the second is 'geous'. If they (the Go Geous production team) put the space in between, can't they be smart enough to actually pronounce it right? Like this - "gdʒəs". If they really want people to utter the word "gorgeous", then put it like this "Go Gorgeous". 

Pronounce it as it is. Is it really that hard? 

{there are people *this is true* who pronounce country as "kaʊntri" instead of "kantri", and for "custom" they pronounce it as "kostiʊm" and not the supposedly "kʌstəm". Malaysians, do learn more, please. Tak rugi ape pun kalau belajar lebih sket through that berhabuk dictionary of yours tu kaannn}

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